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Amarino, Digital Designer
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Since I was a little kid, I used to spend entire days {weeks, months} playing with Legos: building all kinds of worlds, stories and characters.

While playing, a single tiny house felt like an entire city; a tiny hero like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, a giant fort with prisons inside and so on.


This, I feel, was essential to becoming who I am today: a Digital Designer (who dabbles a bit into code) who loves to build things from the ground up.

I have more than a decade of experience in UX, UI, Creative Direction and Front-End Development and Motion, collaborating with teams and clients in creating beautiful functional experiences for the web.

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I’m a Digital Designer from Portugal, with an extensive skillset, including UX, UI, Motion, Creative Direction and some extras *

Digital Designer with Front-End knowledge
Yeah, I have no good “professional” photos of myself...
I have a background in Front-End Development, with advanced knowledge in HTML and CSS and intermediate knowledge in Javascript (GSAP, Three.js, jQuery and vanilla Javascript) and a very small pinch of Node.js.
Not to brag, but I made this portfolio myself with Prismic.io, HTML, CSS and Javascript (Three.js + GSAP + Vanilla)!

... so look at some photos of where I'm from instead.

I love Design Thinking. It’s the way I live. I truly believe if you apply the process to any problem in life you will be able to achieve whatever your end goal is.

I always trust

the process

  • 01
    Creative Direction
    Composed of a Client Briefing, Research & Analysis, Sitemap and Brainstorming, which all leads to an Art Direction Document, to kickstart the work with other designers.
  • 02
    Low-fidelity ideas of what the final product will be and how the experience will pan out to the user.
  • 03
    High-fidelity prototype designed in Figma and usually an After Effects animated preview of the experience which already includes a study of Interactive Design.
  • 04
    When I’m not developing the experiences, I usually prepare stylesheets (with SASS, obviously) for the Front-End Developers with all the Design System, ready for them to build it.